Kayaking & SUP (Canoeing Ireland)

  • Level 4 Proficiency in Sea & River Kayaking
  • Level 3 River Kayak instructor
  • Level 3 Sea Kayak instructor
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor
  • Canoeing  Ireland Instructor Tutor & Assesor
  • River Safety and Rescue Instructor
  • Essential Navigation Instructor

Climbing (Mountaineering Ireland / BOS)

  • Single pitch award

Surfing (Irish Surfing Association)

  • Level 1 surfing Instructor

Water Safety (Irish Water Safety)

  • Irish Water Safety Instructor
  • Irish Water Safety Examiner
  • National Pool Lifeguard Award tutor
  • National Beach Lifeguard Award tutor
  • Water Safety Awarnes Tutor
  • Surf Rescue Boat Tutor
  • Swimming Instructor Tutor

First Aid

  • REC 4 Advanced Wilderness First Aid
  • Occupational First Aid Instructor
  • REC First Aid Instructor

Power Boating (Irish Sailing Association)

  • Power boat instructor
  • Safety boat driver award
  • European Silver Medal   (2010 European P750 Thundercat Championships)

(Irish Sailing Association)

  • Dingy Instructor
  • Day Skipper Licence
  • Yacht master (shore based)

Sport & Fitness (International Therapy Examination Council)

  • Gym instructor
  • Holistic massage therapist
  • Sports injury therapist


Irish Sports Council code of ethics and safe practices for children.